We often spend much of our precious time trying to look like we have it all figured out. Heaven forbid we look like we don’t know exactly what we are doing. We “fake it til we make it” and expend enormous amounts of energy doing everything in our power to look competent, efficient, experienced…

To what end?

Think about a young child. They move through life in a helter skelter orgy of exploration. Never afraid of how they will look doing something for the first time. They babble happily before they talk. They squirm before they crawl, and crawl before they walk. They fall down A LOT. They experience the true freedom of the full experience of learning to do something for the first time. There is no voice in their little minds telling them they look stupid, or warning them that others will think they are lessened somehow by their inexperience.


At 40 years old, I find myself new at a lot of things. I am the first time mom of an infant.I have learned to breastfeed, burp, change and care for another human. I am a homeowner. A landlord. A wife. I am a new blogger and relatively new life coach. I have made a tonne of mistakes and course  corrections, and have backtracked more than a few times

I have learned that for me, where the fear and uncertainty live is where I find the most powerful opportunities to grow- to become, one shift at a time, more of the “me” I was meant to be. More my authentic self. I joke with my own coaches that I know I need to do something when I have little idea of how to begin,and the thought of beginning literally scares the living daylights out of me. I haven’t been wrong yet.

It is natural to be fearful when faced with new actions, thoughts or choices. It is not natural to let fear rule you and keep you from doing the things that can bring passion and growth into your life.

Don’t be afraid to not know the answers before you start. Allow yourself to be a novice. Make mistakes in the name of learning.

Free yourself from the voice that tells you to be perfect before you even begin.img_0321


One thought on “Newness

  1. Congratulations Brandy my friend on your new beginning. Today is the start of something new. Not to say you leave everything behind. On the contrary, you look back, contemplate it and you learn from it. Life is a journey and depending on your attitude, it can be a miserable journey where you find everything wrong around you,or it can a journey full of joy and promise where you can see life as it is, a new day to start over and being anew. That is the journey I see ahead of you. Embrace it.

    Learn from the amazing gift you have been given and learn from her joy and wonder of all around her.
    It is a beautiful world. May she grow up to see it that way.

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