I’ve been pondering the nature of Self lately. The constant stream of words- judgement, doubt, frustration, striving, resisting (Ego)- are not who I Am. There is an awareness that notices these thoughts. A greater Self behind all of that. A Presence that extends past the boundaries of all I thought was “me”.

I am so much more than I ever understood  myself to be. Spirit. Soul. Consciousness.

I am the ears that hear the noise- I am not the noise.

I am not the clouds. I Am The Sky.

You are the sky.

You are the limitless expanse of all that is visible 

and invisible-

Sensed rather than seen.

The deep velvety blackness on which all the stars and planets are painted

The blue behind the clouds

The home of the wind

You are the reaches and the depths 

You are the calm Presence that transcends the voice of your mind.

Know your nature- 




You are the Observer, not the noise.



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