“I have worked with Brandy for the last 7 years. I first experienced Brandy’s positive contribution to our team in her role as senior client relations staff member. She effectively supported staff members, clients, and our animal patients with her varied knowledge of veterinary medicine, compassion, dedication and organization. Brandy is a very determined and motivated individual who has chosen to direct her genuine interest in supporting and coaching the team by becoming practice manager in the last 5 years.

Brandy’s compassionate and knowledgeable skill set has been crucial when leading the team through crisis situations. Brandy has also coached and supported individual staff members with encouragement, advice, emotional and physical support.

Brandy continually strives to improve her skills through work shops, conferences, and coaching clinics. She displays an authentic dedication to quality and a healthy lifestyle.”

-Charlene, RVT


“I had always been a very reactive person who was often too stubborn to consider the other side of an argument. With Brandy’s help, I have been able to start changing my reaction to conflict. My communication skills have improved drastically so that I can clearly communicate my needs/concerns without undue strain on my relationships. I now try to factor in the other person’s reasoning into the solutions I generate. This has dramatically reduced the number of conflicts I become involved with at work and in my personal relationships! I recommend Brandy to anyone who is dealing with social conflicts as you may be surprised by the number of tools you’ll learn to better handle conflicts at home and/or work. Thank you Brandy!”



“Brandy is a talented personal coach- I worked with Brandy during a particularly difficult point in my life. Her insight, compassion and drive helped me find the best path forward. When I felt at my weakest, because of her coaching, I came through feeling supported and strong. I couldn’t recommend a better coach and confidante to have on your side.”




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